Feast ON

Feast ON

Taste Real is proud to partner with Feast ON to highlight restaurants featuring Ontario grown food.

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Feast ON uses specific criteria to recognize businesses that showcase the tastes of Ontario. The program criteria includes:

  • Procuring
    • Producing or harvesting Ontario food and drink or making food or drink in Ontario with ingredients produced or harvested in Ontario.
  • Partnering
    • Being involved in a local, regional, provincial or national program that highlights Ontario food and drink, industry best practices and Ontario’s agricultural sector.
  • Participating
    • Providing community-based experiences and creative ways of increasing awareness of Ontario food and drink.

To learn more and browse Feast ON partners and businesses, visit www.feaston.ontarioculinary.com


We are lucky enough to have two local Feast ON designees:

The Breadalbane Inn (Scozia Restaurant)

487 St. Andrew Street West, Fergus, Ontario


Where Scotland and Italy come together. The menu is based on simple Italian comfort food and uses the Cucina Povera cooking style that originated with the farming class who ate seasonally.

To view the Breadalbane’s Feast ON profile, visit www.feaston.ontarioculinary.com/?id=60

To learn more, view the menu and check out Scozia’s visit www.scoziarestaurant.com.


Enver’s of Morriston

42 Queen Street, Morriston, Ontario

Enver’s of Morriston offers intimate fine dining in a heritage building in the hamlet of Morriston, Ontario. The menu features local products in an eclectic mix of continental cuisine.

To view Enver’s of Morriston’s Feast ON profile, visit www.feaston.ontarioculinary.com/?id=146

To feast your eyes on their menu and plan your lunch or dinner, visit  www.enversofmorriston.ca/home.