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Circle R Livestock
Ryan and Romy Schill
7489 4th Line RR#2, Wallenstein ON
Open Year Round – Call ahead
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Located in southern Mapleton Township, Ryan and Romy Schill and family keep a flock of over 200 ewes. All lambs are raised on their family farm from birth and are grain finished resulting in a mild and tender meat. They offer a variety of cuts, 1/4 or 1/2 lamb meat boxes or whole lambs butchered to your specifications. In addition to meat, they offer sheep skins, fibre products and yarn and wool processed at the Grand Valley Fibre Company close to Arthur .

Visit the farm during the 2017 Spring Rural Romp to tour the farm and learn about what raising quality lamb and sheep entails!


“Maintaining great nutrition and animal health/comfort lets us grow delicious lamb and have very productive ewes. Animal welfare is our biggest core value. A huge commitment to animal health, care and environment gives our animals the opportunity to be productive creatures. Our education and experience on farms and within the farming community gives us confidence to do the right thing for our sheep and our farm.”




The soil types and climate also allow the Schill Family to grow a large variety of crops. Corn, hay (legumes and grasses), grains, pasture, soybeans, veggies, fruits, the possibilities are endless! There is no shortage of any type of crop. Being able to store and feed our quality feeds year round also allows us to have lambs born year round providing you the most delicious lamb.



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