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Terra Verde Homestead
Lorraine Blackwell and Rob Johnson
9473 Sideroad 7, RR1, Conn
Jun-Nov by chance or by appointment



Terra Verde Homestead is a 10 acre farm in northern Wellington County, 20 km south-east of Mount Forest. 1.5 acres of the farm is dedicated to a market garden and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with the remaining acres in pasture and nut and fruit tree plantings.

We are committed to farming in a sustainable and chemical-free manner

 This diversity is complemented by honeybees and heirloom chickens, ducks, and Guinea Fowl. We also have a menagerie of animals including Kune Kune pigs, Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, alpacas, and a llama.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, free-range eggs, honey, and beeswax candles

Our Principals:

  • Use certified organic seeds
  • Follow permaculture methods to ensure a sound ecosystem
  • Increase soil health and farm yields by using such practices as green manure, cover crops, and organic amendments
  • Encourage plant and animal diversity through the planting of native wildflowers and provision of habitat
  • Moderate climate effects with the use of windbreaks, alley cropping, and silvopasture
  • Raise animals in a caring and natural manner with free access to fresh air, water, and outdoor space
  • Bring food production back to the community and fostering positive and transparent relationships with consumers
  • Make the growing, harvesting, and sharing of healthy food a joyful experience!

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We look forward to seeing you at our homestead.

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