Farm Fresh Dairy Products

Best Baa cheese fridge

Best Baa Dairy, Fergus Wellington’s only sheep milk dairy, Best Baa works a cooperative of over ten local sheep milk producers to create an excellent line up of products. These include hard and soft cheeses, yogurt, sour cream,… Read More

Farmalicious at the Drayton Chop House

Farmalicious Menu Holzworth Farm’s Peaches and Cream corn and red pepper gastrique, stuffed salmon with sicilian rose on linguini $18.99 Pistachio and Smoyd Farm’s potoato gratin topped pan seared chicken breast with mashed and seasonal vegetables $19.99 The… Read More

Farmalicious at Mapleton’s Organic Dairy

August 4- 10 Farmalicious Feature: Greek Chicken Wrap made with Mapleton’s chicken, Reroot Organic’s lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers and Greek yogurt  (made from their own plain 3.9% plain greek yoghurt, farm grown chives and organic garlic grown by… Read More