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Best Baa cheese fridge

Best Baa Dairy, Fergus

Wellington’s only sheep milk dairy, Best Baa works a cooperative of over ten local sheep milk producers to create an excellent line up of products. These include hard and soft cheeses, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream milk and whey.  But there’s more to this business than just great dairy products: In 2015 the dairy received the Premiers Innovation Award for working with their predominantly Amish and Mennonite farm suppliers for developing and ‘off the grid cooling unit’ to refrigerate sheep milk without compromising Amish traditions around accessing electricity.

Must Taste Items: We love their selection of hard and soft sheep milk cheeses, but particular the ‘Ramenbert’ – a sheep milk twist on a Camenbert cheese


Mapleton’s Organic Dairy, Moorefield

A family run farm and dairy business, Mapleton’s Organic Dairy has certainly ‘scooped out’ a niche for itself. They may be best known for their excellent variety of ice cream flavours, but there are so many interesting components to their business. Products include ice cream as well as fresh and frozen yogurt. Their on-farm cafe serves home-made lunches, fresh and frozen farm products and of course, ice cream cones! Visitors are encouraged to visit their modern dairy barn or spend some time with the goats, pigs, chicken and donkeys in the demonstration barn.

Must Taste Items: All of their ice cream flavours, but especially seasonal ones, such as lavender and dandelion.


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